฿ 50,000 – Bangkok

Fresh / Relax / Swipe cards

฿ 50,000 – Bangkok

Fresh / Relax / Swipe cards

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Good morning customers and friends!!
Menu of the day: Mixed grill with Rice and Mayonnaise
Farofa < Vinaigrette Sauce
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For your full cut, mark out, shape up, eyebrows

The people choice is where

Choice cuts barbershop

Opposite Sunday morning well parking lot

⏰Opening hours⏰

Monday-Friday 9 am until
Saturday 8:30 am until
Sunday on call
Holidays on call

Need a hair cut before our opening hours or after hours call us an arranged your time

sick in bed home or hospital we do house calls also call and make arrangement with the barber

We do our on call service just for you our customers

Choice Cut barbershopyour #1 Spot

Barber: Kaylan aka Gaza
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Chanel Handbag
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