1240) is set on a background of limewash on which red lines

1240) is set on a background of limewash on which red lines

Not making any bold predictions here, but I’m not driving up to Ithaca tomorrow just for the balmy weather and the decaying chic of Schoellkopf Field. I expect to see a game. If Binghamton doesn’t deliver more than they did last year https://www.withjersey.com/, then heaven help them.I’m not quite sure what to say.It was very hard to analyze the 1st half and a few minutes into the 4th qtr, given the glare from the sun.

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Chris show me what USA has got of militarism in world politics. President Obama in victory address had confessed of wasting trillions of dollars in sensless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which if had been spent on American welfere and developments of social infrastructure, America would have never faced prevailing insecurity at home and abroad. How 20 littlte angels were mercilessly killed in CT New Town school due to open gun runing in America and how nmany similar little angels in other parts of the world are victims in US sponsored wars..

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