48 Mt at an average grade of 0

48 Mt at an average grade of 0

The North Bullfrog project includes numerous prospective gold targets at various stages of exploration with four having NI 43 101 compliant mineral resources (Sierra Blanca, Jolly Jane, Mayflower and YellowJacket). The project contains a measured mineral resource of 3.86 Mt at an average grade of 2.55 g/t gold and 19.70 g/t silver, containing 316.5k ounces of gold and 2 Cheap Canada Goose,445k ounces of silver, an indicated mineral resource of 1.81 Mt at an average grade of 1.53 g/t gold, and 10.20 g/t silver, containing 89.1k ounces of gold and 593.6k ounces of silver and an inferred resource of 1.48 Mt at an average grade of 0.83 g/t gold and 4.26 g/t silver, containing 39.5k ounces of gold and 202.7k ounces of silver for oxide mill processing. The mineral resource for the mill process was defined by WhittleTM optimization using all cost and recovery data and a breakeven cut off grade of 0.52 g/t gold.

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