A bidding war between BAE, Northrop and General Dynamics ended

A bidding war between BAE, Northrop and General Dynamics ended

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Designer Replica Bags 2002) hostile bid for TRW in February 2002. A bidding war between BAE, Northrop and General Dynamics ended on 1 June when Northrop’s increased bid of 5.1billion was accepted. On 11 December 2002, BAE issued a shock profit warning due to cost overruns of the Nimrod MRA4 maritime reconnaissance/attack aircraft and the Astute class submarine projects.[43] On 19 February 2003 BAE took a charge of 750million against these projects and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) agreed to pay a further 700million of the cost.[44] In 2000 the company had taken a 300million “loss charge” on the Nimrod contract which was expected to cover “all the costs of completion of the current contract”.[45] Designer Replica Bags.