A portion of these proceeds will support the Canadian Athletes

A portion of these proceeds will support the Canadian Athletes

As a part of their commitment to the CPC, Lug is offering custom designed travel packs with the GO CANADA! theme boldly displayed across their popular Glider Case, Tango Wallet, and Zoom Camera Case. A portion of these proceeds will support the Canadian Athletes as they prepare for Paralympic competition. Lug will also provide travel accessories to all Canadian Paralympic Winter Athletes and Canadian Paralympic Committee staff.

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Travel Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh from 10 to 12 February 1905 from Cairo and 200 From Alexandria

St. Catherine’s Journey + Ras Demon + Ford Bay + Mount Moses from 28 to 30 February
B 175 C from Cairo and Zagazig

Tour of Wadi Al Rayyan and Arabian Nights on February 5, 150 C of Cairo, 175 C of Alexandria and 175 C of Mansoura

Dream Park and Mall of Arabia on January 29th
B 130 C Beni Suef, 135 C of Banha, 155 C of Alexandria and Al Mansoura and 125 C of Cairo

Travel F Yekanoo Park + Free Tour in Alexandria on February 6, 160 C from Cairo

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