A STEM approach is not just about the content

A STEM approach is not just about the content

We enter into a massive hall, it is busy (to put it mildly), packed to the elbows and full of laughter, noise and bustle. I fall in love with the mood instantly. Zurich is in the German speaking part of Switzerland, near the Austrian border, and the myriad influences make it a great town for pleasure.

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Hermes Handbags The whirlwind production, led by New Hampshire non profit organization Children’s Stage Adventures, is the main focus of the schools “STEAM Week,” where an emphasis on the arts has been added to the school’s science, technology, engineering and math laced curriculum.Students at the magnet school this week are “celebrating the ‘A’ in STEAM,” another educational framework that’s being implemented in schools around the country, according to physical education teacher Kathy Miller, one of the staff members coordinating STEAM week.Currently, Smith students can take part in an after school enrichment program called “STEAM PM,” which offers several clubs: garden club, chess club, robotics club, a bird study club, graphic design club and more. STEAM Week this year falls between the fall and spring sessions of STEAM PM.The week places an “emphasis on the arts, highlighting how it ties into the classroom and is connected to everything we do,” Miller said.”We’re looking to plant seeds and be on the cutting edge,” said vocal music teacher Becky Saraceno, another STEAM Week organizer. “We’re finding more ways to make the obvious connections” between arts and STEM, she said.A STEM approach is not just about the content, STEM Specialist Sharon Zajack said.”STEM is also the way we want kids to learn. Hermes Handbags

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