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Embrace the weather and go outside: Frosty mornings, rough seascapes, snow capped mountains, puddles, dew laced spiderswebs. There’s so many elements at play during winter, making it arguably the best season to head out for dramatic landscape photos. Remember to look at both the landscape and the individual elements of a scene you never know what you may find.

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They melt the spirit and freeze it in the heart;
It is the land that I call it in Istanbul. weather, color, eda, climate;
It is my, time, place crossed Pastry gold gilded, watery pulsed;
The moon and the sun are two marine lands, the only one on it,

And the dreams, the tenth, the tenth
Istanbul my dear;
Motherland also Istanbul,

Historical eyes, holes in the walls;
Servi, figurative servi, hereafter In the cloud is a ruin Fatih’dan kır horse;
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In every embryo that means: What are we going to die for?..
Hayat live death, the mercy of sin over sin;
Beyoglu nagging nets
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Bosphorus is a silver barbecue, boiling water cooler;
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Adada wind, flying skirts Every dawn, with arrows scattered in the streets
Still cries come from Topkapı Mother, like Istanbul;
Güleni hesuğu, ağlayanı
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