All ELA standardsSee MorePrefixes

All ELA standardsSee MorePrefixes

Help focus your teaching and ELA skills for the week by creating a focus wall in your classroom! This goes perfectly with the Second Grade Reading Street curriculum. All ELA standardsSee MorePrefixes, Suffixes and a FREEBIEsuffixes, suffixes activity, how to teach suffixes, suffixes tab itsSee More(free) This could be used at centers or as independent work. I have everything you need for organizing and beginning your unit! From kindergarten on up, these ideas will enSee MoreI love teaching first, second, and third grade students about animals and I find students love to write animal reports! Animal research projects are a great way to introduce students to the report writing process or have them practice their report writingSee MoreFREE Enjoy this fun word sort freebie to help your kiddos remember the sound that ow/ou makes! Feedback is always appreciated!See More.

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