Although the lawsuit doesn’t specify the amount of damages

Although the lawsuit doesn’t specify the amount of damages

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cheap jerseys It contends that the Corps unconstitutionally deprived plaintiffs of their land, essentially taking it without compensation.Although the lawsuit doesn’t specify the amount of damages being sought, the landowners’ attorney has said it could exceed $250 million. Supreme Court ruling in December 2012 that the federal government is not automatically exempt from paying for damage caused by temporary flooding from its dams.The case, which isn’t expected to be decided until this summer at the earliest, reflects longstanding debate about the Corps’ management of the river as the agency tries to strike a balance among competing interests ” landowners, the barge industry, water suppliers, hydropower utilities, environmentalists and recreational users of the waterway, notably on upriver reservoirs.Regulating the river’s levels comes through the Corps’ management of discharges from a half dozen large upstream reservoirs, each meant to hold snowmelt and other excess water during the spring before the Corps gradually releases it the rest of the year. Louis. cheap jerseys

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