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O Allah, I ask you the question of the poor poor, and I invite you to the prayer of the poor, the humble, do not make me to call you the Lord of Shikia, and be my Lord, O Most Merciful, O the best of officials, O Most Merciful, O Lord of the Worlds. O Lord, Lord of Jibril, Michael, Asrafil, and Ezra, bind me from the sedition of the world, and follow me to what you love and accept, and prove me firmly in this life and in the Hereafter, and do not mislead me after you have guided me..

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Replica Designer Handbags Tsipras: “We have a decision to convince the markets – To apologize for the false prophets of the disaster”

Tsipras: “We have a decision convincing the markets – Apologize for the false prophets of the disaster” – Media

– Alexis Tsipras argued that the leader the ND sparked the talk of speed, pressing on the exploitation of the feeling of anguish and uncertainty that existed before the deal, but according to him, it does not exist after the deal. According to the Prime Minister, the agreement reached at Eurogroup ensures a ceiling on gross financing needs as from 2018 onwards it should not exceed 15% of GDP. Given the primary surpluses, he noted, the tools that will be used for the financing needs of the public the country does not go beyond that
Alexis Tsipras, in an attempt, among other things, to pave the way for a possible exit from the country to the markets in the next few weeks or months, makes comparisons with the two-year-old Samaras-Venizelos, saying that in 2014 the exit was done to support only the communication story of the success story without any guarantee or commitment from the lenders to regulate
On the contrary, he argued that the current government’s negotiation brought substantial impairment of the goals and in particular measurable measures that can not be resolved. Replica Designer Handbags

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