Besides having a noisy and defective heating system

Besides having a noisy and defective heating system

All members are encouraged to be well groomed and dress modestly in a dignified manner appropriate to the occasion. Grooming and dress influence the way we and others act and can assist in inviting the companionship of the Spirit and feelings of respect, reverence and discipleship.Truth be told, it doesn’t matter what you wear. If the spirit works with you and through you you could wear some orange Hammer pants in Wal Mart and do God’s work if necessary.

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Canada Goose Vests As we chatted, my nervousness was eased a bit. After a twenty minute wait Cheap Canada Goose, we were finally given a station tour. Besides having a noisy and defective heating system, CJAM enjoyed the misfortune of sharing a wall and window with the student pub, whose blaring top 40 music often infiltrated into the station), and was furnished with archaic, well worn sound equipment, I was nonetheless impressed and eager to get a show.Surprisingly, getting my own program was easy: after a brief interview, I was told to show up “tomorrow, around one ish” so that program director, Chris Burston, could show me how to use the sound board, do the paperwork, and host a music show. Canada Goose Vests

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