>>> Best Quality Value of 7 thousand rupees each

>>> Best Quality Value of 7 thousand rupees each

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Foreign Language (English, Russian, French, German, Arabic, and Abituriyent and Texnikom Developments – Master Programs – Preschools – Primary Education – Accounting – Drawing classes – Computer courses
– Chess
– Guitar
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Replica Bags Wholesale #URGENT #WORLD #NEWS
11TH AUGUST 2015
TO: EVERY WOMAN, CHILD & MAN OF LINGGACALA AUSTRALIA CONTINENT (which includes: Australia, Fiji, Kingston (Norfolk Island), Kiribati, Marshall islands, Micronesia, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Palau, Solomon islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu).
It is with the greatest pleasure that we announce funding will be released, as soon as technically possible after the 17th August 2015, to pay for infrastructure, public services and projects for the upliftment of your country and
All Women, Children & Men will enjoy:
• Fully funded and unimpeded access to:
• public utilities
• health services
• emergency services
• sanitary services
• public transport
• An inheritance gift of $6,000,000 (6 million) USD per-person and an ATM card to access a monthly stipend (core basic income) of $600 USD for youth or $1,200 USD for adults
• Access to immediate basic needs such as water, food and • The development of infrastructure and public services to support a thriving • The payment in full of all public • The payment of all private debt, up to a total maximum of (2) Two Billion • Free and unimpeded access to funding for national, regional and local community
Immediate needs will be met a priority and in accordance with the wishes of the people, to ensure peace, social order and good Further public announcements will be made in the near future by the leaders in your NOTICE of the rights, agreements, privileges, immunities, duties and obligations to deliver the above is contained in the attached document and has been distributed to:
• Secretary General of the United Nations • President of the World Bank • President of the International Court of • President of the International Criminal • Managing Director of the International Monetary • Secretary General of the Bank for International • Vice President of the International Finance • President of the Financial Action Task • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the British Royal • His Holiness Pope Francis, the • Chair of the Board of Governors for the • Secretary of the • Greatest President United Nation, Royal * In Service & Gratitude,
Neo Ratu Adil Immam Mahdi
Royal of the Kingdom Linggacala of Australia Continent
Other Resources : English – LAO Swissindo Humanitarian Projects Head Office Launch 5 May 2015 – #Swissindo #LOVE Replica Bags Wholesale.