British Prime Minister David Cameron was in hot water for

British Prime Minister David Cameron was in hot water for

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Yet for all its power, or maybe because of it, text messaging also has unintended consequences. Congressmen have resigned for sending sexually explicit texts to under aged pages. British Prime Minister David Cameron was in hot water for embarrassing text messages sent to former newspaper executive Rebekah Brooks, a central figure in Britain’s telephone hacking scandal.

City Desk previously reportedthat arrests for possession of marijuana hovered aroundthe single digits as of early November 2015, according to MPD, thanks in large part to the passage of these laws. The new numbers shed light on the supply side of the weed equation and suggest distribution related arrests remain prevalent, but not nearly as common as they once were. For example, their number peaked in 2011 with a total of 1,503, up from 1,378 in 2010..

Keep your pages organized. My friend Chris used a three ring binder with page protectors. She slid her cut pieces and finished blocks together with the instructions into the protectors. “Finding a fiscal balance is critical to the government of Puerto Rico. The government can’t be the only one responsible of improving the economy,” board member Carlos Garc said. “We are working on improving the economy so that both Puerto Ricans in the island and those who have left can take advantage of a good economy and find work in the island.”.

It’s more than that, of course, and by now you know most of the woes. Shaq and Kobe Bryant aren’t playing at full strength, which makes their numbers even more impressive but leaves them insufficiently dynamic to open up holes for the supporting cast. O’Neal, especially, isn’t spinning and moving freely yet and looks slow to react to the ball at both ends..

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