But a little later I saw that he would speak again in the

But a little later I saw that he would speak again in the

KITTY Integrated dried fruit gift boxes (6 small box)

box offer $ 410

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Mid-Autumn Festival gift fruit have received income Tired, how to change the taste this year?
cute, most eye-catching than each independent packaging Hello
pink tender box is trying to make a girl heartbreak ❤
Hello Kitty holding six kinds of fruit pattern is very Playful Yeah – dried fruit itself is also a box full of six kinds of fruit to you!
Plum 60g + Mango 40g + Cantaloupe 40g – Bromeliad 40g + Mandarin Orange 40g + Strawberry 30g ✔ Low Temperature Drying Technology, Completely Preserved Fruit Flavors, ✔ Guaranteed never to add artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners.
✔ affordable consumption peace of mind to enjoy, eat healthy and relieved.
✔ The key is to open the bag ready to eat! Do not wash without cutting, really super convenient!
not only the packaging is quite colorful fruit pattern each have their own outside, open
a fragrant dried fruit, a bit off the flavor is full of flavor,
Mid-Autumn Festival to buy a box to put relatives and friends welcome home friends are very suitable
absolutely determined to give as gifts, especially super old, kids will love the
lifetime: 2018/06/03

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