But for Brown’s family and those concerned about the epidemic

But for Brown’s family and those concerned about the epidemic

What a shame that the accident happened. Sorry to hear anyone connected to it has been hurt. Wizard either never dreamed of or never dared to attempt.

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| A thousand books and the publication of the misinformation and circulation of people and then repented and returned, the repentance does not prevent the responses to the misrepresentations published in his books;

because he feared to imitate him from his share in the science, and those who seduced him by his reputation and fame. But if he has a clear distance in his life after repenting, then he must take the initiative to withdraw my mistakes E of his works, and it shows such as previously showed misguidance;

This deed is considered one of the qualities of no flaws, nor lend him, but praising this and qualified and bent on him because he returned to the right after it turned out to him. “

◉ Source:

[Strong Commentary on the Doctrine of the Raziq (190)]

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