“Case in point: “Archie,” born in 1946 as a daily strip

“Case in point: “Archie,” born in 1946 as a daily strip

✔ 0% interest rate until receiving the house, (Contact: ✔ Debt repayment 3 ✔ Free prepaid after one year GOLDEN GEMEK PREMIUM – only 15tr, 16trs / m2 NEW SOLUTIONS FOR

GEMEK PREMIUM project is a high end commercial apartment project being opened for sale at the lowest price in Hanoi market: Only 15tr, 16tr / m2 (price includes VAT and full furniture ).
Location: Block A13 – HH1, Le Trong Tan urban area, H Hoài Đức, Hà Nội Investor: Hanoi General Export – Import Joint Stock Company; Viet Nam Joint Stock Company; Complex: 2 towers with 34 floors, 1 floor. Call:
➡ Area of ​​72m2, 96m2.

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