Crossbody works great as well

Crossbody works great as well

That’s what we heard as well. That was a good one. Very well received.”. The American Bank Center’s updated bag policy isn’t sitting so well with a number of its patrons.The policy (see specifics below article) are the result of the theater attack in Paris and other recent shootings, according to SMG spokesperson Kristin Bily on Monday.Bily pointed out that not only do many other venues have similar rules, but many of the acts that come to the ABC require them, including WWE on Sunday night.”This is our attempt to keep all of our patrons, our talent, every event that comes into the American Bank Center safe for everyone,” she said.The ABC will still allow small bags capable of holding a phone, credit cards, and a few other items.Patrons can also bring gallon size ziploc bags or bags made of clear plastic.Translucent plastic bags will be provided by the ABC to those who need them.On Facebook, there was immediate criticism, in particular by mothers of young children who are accustomed to bringing diaper bags with changing or feeding supplies.One woman wrote, “Looks like I won’t be going to many games with a baby since they don’t make clear diaper bags.”Some also question how safe those bags are.”The parking lots here aren’t secure. You have to walk through public streets. So they’ll see your wallet, your medication, they could mug you,” explained Amanda Kowalski, “They don’t have enough security to watch after you leave the Bank Center.

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