Despite its early prominence

Despite its early prominence

Despite its early prominence, eventually Honfleur’s port was overtaken by a larger, more modern, port across the river in Le Havre, in the Seine Maritime department. The fate of the two towns couldn’t be more different. Honfleur evolved into a major tourist destination and, with 3 million visitors per year, it is not only Normandy’s most visited town but also one of the most visited towns in France.

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Plastic mould Certain types of stainless steel are not magnetic. While this does not seem like it should affect the quality of kitchen appliances, when considering refrigerators, magnetism becomes extremely important. For many families, the refrigerator is a communication board. Plastic mould

Silicone mould Alternative meats are starting to come back into vogue these days and downtown Minneapolis hot spot Hell’s Kitchen is hitching a ride on the alt meat bandwagon in a big way. Late last week the restaurant started serving kangaroo steaks as one of the regular dinnertime meal options. According to a statement from the restaurant, the meat is incredibly sustainable, eco friendly, and delicious. Silicone mould

Kitchenware Art glass is available in a variety of textures and tints. The artist creates the design, and then selects the type and colour of glass pieces from which he or she will cut out the shapes. The orange and yellow leaves of the captivating birch tree branches shown here were made from a combination of Spectrum and Youghiogheny glass Kitchenware.