Each periapical X ray shows this full tooth dimension and

Each periapical X ray shows this full tooth dimension and

Sweet Cakes
R $ 1 – Rio de Janeiro

1 Cake with 15 slices
50 Salsa
30 Sweet
4L of Soda
TOTAL: 100,00
1 Cake with 25 slices
100 Snacks
50 Candinhos with 6L of Refrigerante
TOTAL: 180,00
KITFESTA FOR 40 PEOPLE < 1 Cake with 45 slices
150 Salgadinhos
100 Candinhos
8L Refrigerante
TOTAL: 280,00
1 Cake with 55 slices
200 Salgadinhos
150 Sweet

1 Average salted cake with TOTAL: 320,00

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