– Flooring Marble – Parquet – Porcelain – Walls of

– Flooring Marble – Parquet – Porcelain – Walls of

Janet, who had been married twice before, has rarely been seen in recent years and kept even more out of the spotlight since her marriage to Wissam and especially throughout her pregnancy. Both rarely attended public events since their wedding. They were most often photographed together before they got married, mainly at fashion shows in Paris, Milan and Moscow.

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* For owners of taste and excellence Apartment in the finest neighborhoods of Alexandria Tower residential in Mandera Bahri where all services available (restaurants, banks and easy transportation) Steps from the sea – minutes of the park – minutes to Carrefour and Fathallah
* Location: Al-Mustafa Tower from Gamal Abdel Nasser Street, next to Abdel Halim Mahmoud Mosque in Mundara, Bahary. (2) The tower façade combines the elegance and the taste 2 – (3 elevators imported.) – (4) a distinctive classical character of the tower inside and outside. (6) Security and guarding 24 hours

– (7 Intercom Net and Central Dash.) * Owned a housing unit tower Mustafa (housing – summer – investment –
– 130 m – 135 m. – Finishing of the interior units of the Super Lux.

– Flooring Marble – Parquet – Porcelain – Walls of luxury plastic paints. * There are facilities in payment Pay 25% when contracting and installment on 30 months without availabilities Possibility to negotiate
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