For fragrance luxury is hitting the nail on the head when I

For fragrance luxury is hitting the nail on the head when I

These days luxury is getting two days in a row on the weekend and not feeling like a spaz. It kind of a sliding scale for me this past year for sure. But I think having hot baths/showers anytime I like and getting to eat pretty much any food I like when I want is about as luxurious as it gets. Wardrobe luxury for me, is one of my 15 year old REAL merino wool dress sweaters that wear and feel like nothing else, and an opportunity to wear my real alpaca car coat it like walking in a cloud. I totally agree that nothing is as good as older well made clothes. For fragrance luxury is hitting the nail on the head when I pick the right fragrance for the right day and the right mood. Like a perfect overlap of sentiment and application to keep me in the right place most of the day long. Breathe easy soon Angela!

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