For guests to remember H and support more H
The program

For guests to remember H and support more H
The program

06 10 2016 – 27th Week – Thursday

Second Year

First Reading

How did you get pure spirit? Do you believe in the good news?

The Apostle Paul Got From the Transcript of Galatians 3: 1-5

O foolish Galatians, who are you who have seduced you? Is not Jesus Christ crucified in the sight of your eyes? I want to hear you more than once: How did you get the pure spirit? Are the Laws of Law? Or do you believe in listening to the good news? Are you going to end up with the life you started by pure spirit now with just human effort? Are you ignorant of that? Are you all bad? Can it be wasted? What does the Spirit of the Holy Spirit give you to do for you? Do you do lawful actions? Or do you believe in listening to the good news?

This is the blessing of the Lord

To the Lord, the God of Israel,

69-70 Did He Reveal Himself as a Powerful Redeemer in His Servant David’s Family? 71 71 Whoever hates us from our enemies will redeem us from everyone’s grip We are free from the hardship of our enemies and have been able to work before the Lord without fear and dignity.

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