For the Pearsons, it couldn’t be more worthwhile

For the Pearsons, it couldn’t be more worthwhile

Following the uproar canada goose black friday, Thompson Chemists took to Facebook to clarify that men aren’t being made to pay an additional 7% on products, rather that women are in effect going to receive a discount. New York has a 4.5% local sales tax which isn’t levied on medicines, spectacles and other medical equipment. So the ‘man tax’ is essentially a promotion that favours female customers..

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canada goose Money raised will go towards the group’s fortnightly playgroup and their work at Bendigo Health’s Special Care Bay Unit and St John of God. For the Pearsons, it couldn’t be more worthwhile.”It was good to hear their stories,” she says. “To really hear how they got through it and that their babies are all doing well now. canada goose

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