Forest protection, if linked economically to rain, hence dams

Forest protection, if linked economically to rain, hence dams

One of the most common terms found in a new home loan is a prepayment penalty. This type of penalty says that if the borrower pays off the loan early, commonly during the first five years of the loan, then the borrower will be responsible for paying an additional amount of money, typically about six months interest on 80% of the mortgage balance. Sub prime market loans will typically carry prepayment penalties more than standard mortgage loans..

Through this column, it is the intention of Red Deer Native Friendship Society to share its indigenous culture with you. One of our main teachers is Coyote, sometimes called the Trickster. I think I a little like a coyote in that I can be like an irritating pup at the heels of bureaucratic white tape until it brings some sort of action.

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