From an open door spilled even more young

From an open door spilled even more young

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Event date is: 11-20 June 2015
Dear Friends,
Last week I was in Göreme Town of Cappadocia
Dear Friends,
I have made ready the first period of the event to be realised between the dates of 01-10 June This event is the second period of the Project CREATE ART IN The event is between the dates of 11 June 2015 and 20 June Göreme town is a wonderfull place to be together to create I believe this kind of an art event, first time will be realised in the World by the free international World Canvases, oil colours and the easel for painting: I have already contacted for the canvases and oil The exhibition opening cocktail will be on 17 June Every artists should be prepare a press release and inform the public by the newspapers and Hotel fee 500 euros for 10 Tours in Cappadocia: All the activities are available in If any questions please contact to me…
With my best,
Safa Büte Designer Replica Bags.