From the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge third baby on the way

From the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge third baby on the way

There are so many exciting things happening in the Royal Family right now. From the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge third baby on the way to Meghan and Harry wedding taking place in Replica Hermes May, it a big year. Now though, Princess Eugenie has added to the family joy by getting engaged to her partner Jack Brooksbank..

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For her outstanding service to young people in her care, the community and to her school, Lucille Ruggiero of Middletown has been named Foster Grandparent of the Year by Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters Connecticut’s premier youth mentoring organization. Mrs. Ruggiero, 90, received the award at Nutmeg’s annual Foster Grandparent Recognition Luncheon, held recently at the Asylum Hill Congregational Church in Hartford.

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