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Ángel Di María blames Louis van Gaal tinkering for Old Trafford struggles

Ángel Di María has criticised his treatment by Louis van Gaal at Manchester United and said he left for Paris St-Germain to enjoy his football more and win trophies.

The Argentinian spent last season at Old Trafford under Van Gaal and has accused the manager of asking him to change position so often that it was impossible for him to settle.

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“It’s not nice to canada goose coat $5000 no credit check signature loans say certain things but it’s more that they didn’t amazon canada goose jacket let me settle properly than I couldn’t settle,” Di María told the BBC. “I left and that team are still playing best price canada goose parka the same way. Out of the European competitions, far from being champions of the Premier League.

“I don’t think it canada goose coat 1000 bulbs garland was my fault or the fault of my team-mates. Every time I was given the opportunity, I did all I could but it didn’t work out as I hoped. So I decided to leave, not only to be happy but to win things. I started a game in one position then the next game authentic canada goose outlet in another. I scored goals playing in one position, then suddenly the next game I was picked to play in a different position.”

Di María has won the French league at the first attempt with PSG and the club remains bu sees a spike in canada goose jacket thefts in the Champions League, with the first leg of the quarter-final against Manchester City taking place in Paris on Wednesday. He said his treatment there by Laurent Blanc has been in stark contrast to his experience under Van Gaal.

“It’s up to the manager to decide where and how every best canada goose coat for skiing player should play, but I think that the player should be comfortable in that position and adapt to it,” he said. “That is what I’m doing here and I’m very thankful to the manager for it.

“From the beginning he was clear where he wanted to play me and has never changed his mind. He gave me total freedom to move where I need to move. I’m very happy here and it wasn’t the case over there.”