God’s transcendence and role as Creator of all demonstrate his

God’s transcendence and role as Creator of all demonstrate his

The Jews commonly used “made with human hands” to refer to idol worship (Sibylline Oracles 14:62; Is 31:7; Wisdom of Solomon 14:8). God’s transcendence and role as Creator of all demonstrate his self sufficiency. And he does not balance his negative statement with a positive one, so that we know what replaces the temple. DescriptionTrue elephantiasis is the result of a parasitic infection caused by three specific kinds of round worms. The long, threadlike worms block the body lymphatic system network of channels, lymph nodes, and organs that helps maintain proper fluid levels in the body by draining lymph from tissues into the bloodstream. This blockage causes fluids to collect in the tissues, which can lead to great swelling, called Limbs can swell so enormously that they resemble an elephant foreleg in size, texture, and color.

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