Hayes avoided a Corner Clothesline by Assassin and delivered

Hayes avoided a Corner Clothesline by Assassin and delivered

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Fake Handbags As the event aired live on pay per view, the first match to take place was between Michael Hayes and Russian Assassin 1. Assassin delivered a series of Jumping Lariats called Russian Sickle to Hayes. Hayes made comebacks during the match but Assassin dominated him. Assassin’s manager Paul Jones interfered in the match by attacking Hayes. Assassin tried to attack Hayes in the corner but Hayes countered it and tried to perform a Bulldog but Assassin pushed him to the mat. Assassin tried to deliver a Suplex but Hayes countered it. Hayes avoided a Corner Clothesline by Assassin and delivered him Mounted Punches in the corner. Hayes followed with a DDT to win the match.[1][2] Fake Handbags

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