He said to them: “Do not sit down with every path you promise

He said to them: “Do not sit down with every path you promise

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$ 2,500,000 – Fifth Compound

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The course begins on Sunday, 13/9/2015 at 6:00 pm

(Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday)
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47 Ahmed Hosny St. Off Ismail El Qabbany St. Off El Tayaran street in front of health insurance Al-Azhar Center for Conferences, Nasr City

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How to prepare and read the construction drawings of the construction elements and Armored, reviewed

Read the architectural paintings and compare them with the construction and avoid mistakes in the implementation, To the project supervisor and the format of this correspondence,
and to know whether a proposal can be made to modify the design, what is the final form of the product,
and how to make accurate inventory of the reinforcing steel for each element, and reduce the loss in it and know the most important mistakes that may occur and Why

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For this course:
for construction engineers interested in working in the field of Chop Droing and the preparation of the executive boards…. Hermes Replica Belts

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