However, for N machines with everyone able to talk to

However, for N machines with everyone able to talk to

Experience the thrill of exciting Junior OECS Squash at the Tortola Sports Club all day The 2016 OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States) Junior Squash Tournament is being hosted by BVI at the Tortola Sports Club this Fans will be riveted to games involving veterans:
Kirstin Gordon (who will look to improve on her top 3 finish from last year’s tourney)
Leo Forte who has developed rivalries with several of St Vincent’s best players over the Luca Reich as he attempts to defend his U13 trophy earned at the 2015 tournament played in St Darci Reich who looks to retain the U11 crown in the girls Newcomers to the tournament include Robert “RJ” Wong, Tai Thomas, Jake Hallet, Gethin Jones, Stephan Weyers and Lawton Players returning for their second stint at this tournament and being cool as cucumbers include Jasper Forte and Alex At stake is selection to the OECS team who will then go on to represent the OECS region at the Junior Caribbean wide squash tournament to be played at end of

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