I bought the product and booked it offline

I bought the product and booked it offline

Price: Long and thick eyelashes with thick brush head. [GINA GLAM] – Origin: Thailand
Improved brushes, long lasting lashes
Made from natural ingredients to nourish the eyelashes., make you more beautiful and healthy
waterproof, comfortable and comfortable makeup all day long
fast dry, stickiness, no lem, no lumps, no loss

Special brushes help to make your legs thick and curved naturally, easy to makeup, do not need to brush several times but still have a lash like the

> The product does not irritate the eyes, easy to use
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– EW-83E flower shape for EF 16-35 f / – ET-65B shape cup for EF 70-300mm f / EW-63C Flower for EF-S 18-55 STM (Price 200 THB)

– EW-63II Flower for EF-S 18-55 STM (EW-83F) Flower for EF24-70MM f /
– EW-83H flower for EF 24-105mm f / 4L IS USM (230 baht)

– ES-71II Cup for the EF 50 F /
– ET-65. III.EF 85 f / – EW-83J (Canon EOS-1D) EW-73C Flower for Canon EF-S 10-18mm Lens – ES-68 for 50mm Lens – ES-68 -54 Lens Hood for Canon EF-70-200mm f / Hood EW-88C Flower for Canon EF 24-70 f /

– Flower-shaped for 17-35, 18-35, 10-24, 12-24 (price 250 Baht) – HB-2 Flower shape AF-S 24-120mm
– HB-26 Flower shape for 70-300 F4-
– HB-29 Flower shape for Nikon AF-S 70-200 F lens – HB- Flower shape for AF-S 18-70, AF-S 18-15, AF-S 18-105 br>
HB-34 flower shape for AF-S DX VR 55-200 (price 250 THB) – – HB-35 flower shape for 18-200mm f / Cubicle for Nikon 70-300mm f /
– HB-37 cone for lens 55-200mm F 4 “- HB-37 Flower for lens 55-200mm F 4” – HB-39 for Nikon lens 16-85 Price (250 THB) – – HB-N106 flower Nikon AF-P DX 18-55 f / 1 lens – HB-45 Cup (without Nikon Logo) for AF-S 18-55mm f / – HB-45 Cup (with Nikon Logo) for AF-S 18-55mm f / 1 – HB-45 Flower (No Logo Nikon) for AF-S 18-55mm f / HB-47 Cup Holder for Nikon AF S DX 35mm f1 8G f / 8G

– HB-47 Cup Shape for AF-S 50mm f lens – HB- 50 flower pattern for AF-S lens 28-300mm f /
– HB-63 Hood for flowers AF-S 24-85mm f /
-HB-69 Flower for AF-S 18-55mm II f /
– HB-53 flower shape for Nikon 24-120mm lens F4 VR front lens 77 mm (price 490 baht) – HB-57 Cup shape for Nikon AF-S DX 55-300mm f /
– HB-58 flower shape for Nikon 18-300mm f / HB-77 Spherical Lens for Nikon AF-P DX 70-300 f / 2 – Hewlett-PackardAF 70-210 F 4-

Yongnuo For Nikon – Yongnuo 50 F2 For Nikon – Yongnuo 50
– Yongnuo 50

Special Price Today when you stand with a stand that costs 800 THB. Handle Price: 1100 Baht only (Save 100 Baht)

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