I don’t play Hearthstone but just might try it out because of

I don’t play Hearthstone but just might try it out because of

GALETO in BRASA – R $ 20 – Bezerros

Last day of the year and we are at full steam with the best GALETO Roasted in the Brasa
We have galeto of 20 and 25 reais the difference is the size any value goes with FAROFA ➕ Garlic Bread
We Stay Located next to Our Lady of Sorrows College
97312-8412 clear Zap
97908-4741 tim

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How about eating a Japanese food here in NIRAGUI Then call and make your request to know our # 10 Sashimi or Sushi + 1 Temaki
# 10 Sashimi or Sushi
# Temaki Skin and
# Temaki
# Temaki Philadelphia
# Sushi Skin or kani (8 units)…………….R $ 14.99
# 10 Philadelphia or # 10 Uramaki skin # 10 Uramaki skin or # 25 Hot Crock + 1 Temaki Crock + Soda # 25 Hot Philadelphia + Refrigerant
# Temaki Skin or Temaki Kani + Refrigerant Can………………………………………………. $ 9.99
# Chicken or Mixed Yakisoba, Vegetables + Soda # 25 Hot + 10 Uramaki # 25 Hot + 10 Sashimi…………………. R $ 49,99

# 25 Hot + Yakissoba (Chicken / Mixed / Calabrian)………………………………….. R $ 44,99

# 10 Uramaki Skin + 10 Philadelphia + Refrigerant
# 2 Temaki Philadelphia + Refrigerant Can…. £ 12.99 < # 75
# 75 Hot + 2 Soda # 5 Being 3 savory and 2 sweet (only 2 of the same taste)

You can not stay out of this Just here in NIRAGUI
Call and make your request tel: 3025-0534 / 96410-4181 or by Page and Facebook even by the We assist in the Neighborhoods of: Father Miguel, Bangu, Realengo, Sulacap, Mallet, Magalhães Bastos, Senator Camará, * single delivery fee of R $ 5.00

We accept cash, credit and debit cards, including the flag
Tuesday to Sunday
18 at 00 a.m.
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