I loved it so much I didn’t want to use it because I had two

I loved it so much I didn’t want to use it because I had two

Back then geeseparka, going to a gym wasn’t “a thing,” at least not like it is today. There wasn’t towel service and scented lotions in the locker rooms, and no TV at every cardio station. Hell, there weren’t even cardio stations. Tying to make this an annual event, said Dawna Berger Canada Goose Outlet, chair of conservation and organizer of the event. Tickets were $10 per person. Money raised stays within the community, added Berger.

Revels is part of a network that includes dozens of such celebrations throughout North America. The organization’s aim is to inspire seasonal goodwill through performances that reflect the communal and historical centrality of winter solstice celebrations from around the world and across the centuries. Each year the group picks a specific time and place in which winter holiday traditions are particularly strong and develops an elaborate program around historically accurate songs, dances, sing alongs, and playlets.

If you rather be a participant than a spectator, you can take to the lanes in one of the area many holiday bowling tournaments like the Holiday No Tap Tournament at Century Lanes or the Jingle Bell No Tap Tournament at Beaver Vu Bowl. Or rent a lane with family and friends for an afternoon of open bowling. Check with your local center for details..

It appears the hacker group Lizard Squad made good on its threat to cause Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation big headaches for Christmas. The group left gamers unable to use new consoles received as gifts by orchestrating DDoS attacks on the sites. This comes after the group claimed credit for two major outages at the same sites earlier in December and posted the tweet that those disruptions were “just a small dose of what’s to come on Christmas.”.

In a bizarre twist on the regift, Chelsea’s husband gave her the same Gucci purse literally the same exact purse two years in a row. “I loved that purse, it was the best gift I’d ever gotten. I loved it so much I didn’t want to use it because I had two small kids and you know, it would get dirty,” Chelsea, 38, explained.

The Family Day is Sunday geeseparka.com, Dec. The Soroptimists took over coordinating the event a handful of years ago. Peatow said it helps in bringing attention to the club, which works to improve the lives of women and girls. 26, 2016)A violent year in Chicago appears poised to grind to the end of the calendar, as 11 men were killed and at least 49 more people were wounded in shootings across the city over Christmas weekend.The 60 gunshot victims tallied between Friday evening and Tuesday morning doubled the toll from the same four day holiday weekend last year, when 30 people were shot across the city Cheap Canada Goose, leaving six dead. Sunday in an East Chatham neighborhood mass shooting that left two men dead and five others wounded Canada Goose Canada Goose Sale, two critically, on the South Side, according to Chicago Police. People were gathered for a party on the porch of a home in the 8600 block of South Maryland when someone wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt walked out from an alley and opened fire