I realize that it may seem a fine line to uphold the right to

I realize that it may seem a fine line to uphold the right to

Keller left Siemens amid company strife in late 1997 and moved to San Jose to take a job as vice president of divisional marketing with KLA Tencor. Several months later, his skills and contacts allowed him to float above what could have been another career setback. When a downsizing move at KLA Tencor left him temporarily out of work, he quickly landed a better position at Silicon Graphics, a maker of high speed UNIX workstations used as servers and by Hollywood animators.

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But there seems to be no delivery on the promises made about essentials like housing facilities required for normal living. And the inflation and interest rates and threatened increases in electricity charges will cause major problems for the poor. There is no way they can continue accepting these increases..

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