I was interested in the high oil concentration in Poivre

I was interested in the high oil concentration in Poivre

On skin, Dark Obsession is even worse than “on paper”; it smells like women’s hairspray from the 1980s cheap, harsh, and loaded with synthetic aroma chemicals. How to describe such stuff as nightmares are made on (forgive me, Shakespeare). I have a scent memory of my little sister, a true slob as a child: she is playing with her dolls, and scents as varied as plastic, soda pop, waxy “chocolate” lip gloss from the Dollar Store, and bundles of artificially flavored “spaghetti” licorice come to mind (this licorice was often wrapped around my sister’s fingers and wrists like jewelry, staining her skin pink, while awaiting de tangling; she seemed to always have a strand of this candy dangling from her mouth). Oh, and there’s the scents of Pucker “Puck Puck” Bud, our Lab, who sat at my sister’s side, licking (or chewing) her doll babies when he wasn’t eating licorice himself. The dry down of Dark Obsession smells like Bud’s dog shampoo: a mix of penny lollipops and a barbershop its air hazy with discount talcum powder.

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