I will always push through because I want to open the prize

I will always push through because I want to open the prize

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On September 7, 1575 – after fighting in many Mediterranean campaigns against the Turks – the soldier Miguel de Cervantes and his brother Rodridgo set sail on the galley Sol (Sun) from Naples to Barcelona, with letters of commendation to the king of
In the sixteenth century Algiers was one of the most important port in the Mediterrranean, with an intense and fluid trade and a sophisticated multi-ethnic
Cervantes, battered and dispirited, was taken to one of the toughest prisons in the
Each time the escape attempt failed Cervantes declared himself as the only responsible and the only orchestrator of the
Twice his family gave priests ransom money, but the amounts were not enough the first time and the first ransom money was used to rescue his brother Rodrigo (being that Cervantes´s will). The Pasha of Algiers was about to transfer Cervantes to Istanbul, but finally, Trinitarians priests supplied the difference for the second ransom
Without doubt, his traumatic experience of getting kidnapped and being held captive for five years in Algiers gave him idea and material for his world famous “Don Quixote” and two plays: “El Trato de Argel” (“Life in Algiers”) and “Los Baños de Argel” (“The Dungeons of Algiers”). Both of these plays were set in
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