If you peel them, peel them from brass

If you peel them, peel them from brass

And the words of the nobles will not be known to you. If you peel them, peel them from brass. (8/438)

Ibn al-Jawzmi (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: Whoever insults the qualities of himself and his sins, he knows that he is certain of sins and defaults.

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** Ibn al-Qayyim (may God have mercy on him) said: “The wonder of the wonder that you know God and then do not answer and hear a preacher and then delay the answer and taste the pain of brutality in his sin, He also says (joy in disobedience is evidence of the intensity of desire and ignorance of some of his stick) and also says (the people of sins three rivers are purified in this world, if not completed purity clean fire hell) River repentance advice, the river of good deeds arrogant to the Ozar surrounding it, Wondering of goods with you, God the buyer and the price of paradise shelter and the ambassador who was held on his hands the contract of sale is the Prophet May Allah bless him and grant him peace. ** Morals: First we start our talk by praying to the best of our people Muhammad, peace be upon him Before I talk to you about the subject of this day, I appeal to you, O Habib Mustafa, peace be upon him pray to our brothers in Syria has narrowed them The case is that God will release them and all Muslim countries. After talking to us about the first type of morals, patience and patience are divided into three types: patience for disobedience to Allah, patience for obedience to Allah, patience for the destiny of God Hermes Replica Bags.