I’m a Ron Paul supporter, and my candidate got 89 seconds of

I’m a Ron Paul supporter, and my candidate got 89 seconds of

In a campaign that has seen candidates rise and fall, it is ridiculous to claim that any candidate doesn’t have a chance. I’m a Ron Paul supporter, and my candidate got 89 seconds of time in a 90 minute debate. Like all aspects of the program, the delivery process relies entirely on volunteers and Crone said anyone from the community is welcome to come out to the warehouse at 1204 Burlington to help out. Undersheriff Dave Martin said making such deliveries can be a powerful and eye opening..

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Shapiro, whose father operated a market in the building in the 1970s and who is now one of a group of people who collectively own the 1920 building, said the history of the structure makes the loss all the worse.”It’s very sad, very upsetting,” Shapiro said Monday night. He added that he still had few details as to the damage and the cause.

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The debate is considered to be a pivotal point in the campaign for the GOP candidate, who has been 13 percentage points behind Florio in three recent polls, including one released by the Asbury Park Press today. Y. But the above example, elegant in its simplicity, reminds me that we shouldn assume our content is properly armed with the right tools.Content, and our roles in creating it, are more broadly defined than ever before. We need to do more than simply confirm our content can be shared, we need to work with the design and development folks to make it work more intuitively acrosss platforms.An Art Science MixThis requires us to balance the aesthetic the utility behind the content environment you creating.

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