In ‘PRESS TV (Iran) questions Fabrice Beaur

In ‘PRESS TV (Iran) questions Fabrice Beaur

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Replica Handbags # ON PRESS TV (IRAN) /

PCN-TV / 2017 04 17 /

PRESS TV, French-speaking international Iranian TV, questions Fabrice BEAUR (EODE Expert, Administrator of EODE-RUSSIA)…

«According to sources close to Hezbollah d Iraq, known as the Al-Nojaba movement, the Syrian fighters destroyed the biggest den of takfiritse terrorist group of Daesh in Raqqa, a haunt where they were trapping the… In ‘PRESS TV (Iran) questions Fabrice Beaur, expert for the NGO EODE,

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In Syria, the army does not let anything pass on

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