is strongly discouraged to use the mv command as it is

is strongly discouraged to use the mv command as it is

Installation and Use CFL packaging is labeled with both the wattage of the fluorescent bulb and the wattage of an equivalent incandescent bulb. Though it is safe to use CFLs with wattages up to the rated wattage of the light fixture, choose the lowest wattage that adequately lights the room to realize the most energy savings. Because of the mercury and lead contained in CFLs, handle them gently by the base while installing them.

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high quality replica handbags This seemed to work fine with some small test VM(s).But is it safe to do it this way? Is there some other (official) way?for sharing your insight or opinion!The supported/safe way to do this is using either GUI or the vmkfstools strongly discouraged to use the mv command as it is unsupported and does not behave in the expected way. It might actually seem to work, but there are no guarantees.just verified for you on vSphere 5.1 that a vmkfstools E (vmkfstools rename) does indeed update the file restructure the way you want. The VMware Fusion Backup app high quality replica handbags.