It may only a vaguediscomfort

It may only a vaguediscomfort

Will the condition affect my baby?The fact that your nipples are cracked or bleeding won’t bother your baby. She may swallow some blood and you may see it come out in her diaper, but it won’t do her any harm. If she’s got a poor latch, though, she may not be getting enough milk. Moscow on Monday was covered in smoke, with reduced road visibility.[6] On Monday, 2 August 2010, Vladimir Putin scheduled a meeting with the Governors of Voronezh, Novgorod, Samara, Moscow, Ryazan, and Vladimir Oblasts, as well as the Head of the Republic of Mordovia.[6]By 4 August, the wildfires were still burning over 188,525 (1,885.25 with a death toll of at least 48. Some fires burned in areas near the nuclear research center in Sarov. However Rosatom head Sergey Kiriyenko dismissed apprehension of an atomic explosion.[17].

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