It’s all very bleeding edge and counterintuitive

It’s all very bleeding edge and counterintuitive

So we found different points of view, but everyone was hurt When they considered the source or the phenomenon divided into two parts and when they looked at the rumor as the preacher or the one who practiced it divided into three sections and Hak Imam Ibn al-Qayyim said in the runways of the walkers that the rumor is of two types: This is a generalization. As for the detail, it is said that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: And to inform some of the bottom-line absences From uncovering and reporting about it as perfect in the soul, and no zakaah, no faith, no knowledge, and these do not exceed the scope of these legacies, because they are hidden from the truth, so do not raise their balcony to distinguish between its allies and enemies and the way of these and those. In the words of Ibn al-Qayyim on this first type, we find that it is a common denominator between the believer and the kaafir.

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