John Wilson, PBS’s co chief program executive, responds

John Wilson, PBS’s co chief program executive, responds

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replica oakleys After so many years supporting documentary filmmaking when no one else could be bothered, it must be frustrating for PBS to watch gimlet eyed cable competitors swoop in on their territory, just as the art form is being embraced by a mass audience. John Wilson, PBS’s co chief program executive, responds gamely: “I’m OK with it, because what can I do? And also, it raises the bar and allows these filmmakers to find sustenance, because PBS alone cannot fund or schedule the vast volume of work that’s out there. But I’ll quickly tell anyone that PBS is where they should be, if only because PBS is available on every television set in America.” He also points out that no other channel does grassroots community outreach the way shows like POV and Independent Lens do, dedicating staff and Web sites to reach the right viewers and create awareness of the issues surrounding their documentaries.. replica oakleys

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