Light Heavyweight Division: Vitor Belfort4 of 5Vitor Belfort is

Light Heavyweight Division: Vitor Belfort4 of 5Vitor Belfort is

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Replica Hermes Birkin That said, it’s an extremely difficult thing to compete consistently with the best in the world, and a lot of guys don’t have what it takes to be dominant champions.Not everyone can be Anderson Silva and Georges St Pierre.Let’s take a look at the UFC’s worst champion in each weight class.featherweight and bantamweight divisions will be excluded because there has only been one official UFC champion in each weight class.Welterweight Division: Matt Serra2 of 5This was a close call between Matt Serra and Carlos Newton.Both fighters failed to defend their championship belt after winning it.I went with Serra because Newton’s first title defense was a competitive fight, but Matt was dominated in his first defense.Serra earned his welterweight title shot by winning season four of the Ultimate Fighter and went on to shock the world by defeating Georges St Pierre by first round knockout.Matt was unable to defend his belt for over a year due to coaching a season of the Ultimate Fighter and then getting injured.His first defense was against the man he took the belt from, GSP. Georges proved that the first fight was a fluke by absolutely outclassing Serra in all aspects of the fight and finishing him in the second round.Light Heavyweight Division: Vitor Belfort4 of 5Vitor Belfort is not the only man who was one and done as a UFC light heavyweight champion. The names Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans also come to mind.The difference between Vitor and those two is that Rashad and Forrest won their title fights decisively, and Vitor won his because of an unusual cut on his opponents eyelid.Many people wondered if Belfort actually had what it took to beat Randy Couture and if he could have won that fight if the cut hadn’t happened.Vitor and Randy fought again later that year, and Couture won the fight decisively.Heavyweight Division: Josh Barnett5 of 5This one was a tough call.I almost had to go with Bas Rutten because he never defended his belt, and his win over Kevin Randleman to initially earn the belt was extremely controversial Replica Hermes Birkin.