Like a boy Just wanted to find a quiet reading

Like a boy Just wanted to find a quiet reading

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the continuation of the famous “Run” school of wealthy children have a little girl “Haruhi” poor scholarship students. Like a boy Just wanted to find a quiet reading. But push into the club room “host club”? Strangely enough, the little girl tried to escape . Pride is more than fate. Little girl made a vase of 8 million yen! I need to work on a debt in this host club.

Activities have 3 checkpoints
– first checkpoint Private student dress Disguised as a boy – Page 2 Host Club Hosts the annual school banquet. Dress up the beautiful queen. Tell the couple that they want to dance in the club club, put the capsule.
– Dan Tri Dan finally dress up to meet the senior in the host club. Dress appropriately together. I like this cartoon.

❗️❗️ Choose one winner ❗️❗️
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