Makers left the country and moved to India

Makers left the country and moved to India

According to specialist and dealer Anahita Sadighi, owner of Berlin Arts of Asia, Chinese and Indian varieties have been a problem since the 1979 Revolution. Makers left the country and moved to India, Pakistan, and China, resulting in the spread of cheaply produced, low quality carpets, she says. Carpets had always been regarded as highly prestigious luxury goods that only the elite could afford.

Eric Walstrom of Mobile Avenue in New Dorp has been arrested and charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors for accessing school and DOE computers between Dec. 14 and Feb. 9, according to allegations in court documents.He had access to personal information about his fellow students at New Dorp High School, court documents state, although there is no indication that he used that identity data for his personal gain.Hacking his way past security software and computer password protections, Walstrom gained administrator level access to New Dorp High School and city DOE computers, court documents said.Walstrom was able to remotely control New Dorp High School and DOE computers and he “utilized those software tools to gain full access to the student records of New Dorp High School, which contain the name and other identifiers of students,” according to court documents.At least some of the alleged crimes were committed from home.

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