Most of the prayers are on my beloved Muhammad

Most of the prayers are on my beloved Muhammad

This is a slave of my slaves. Most of the prayers are on my beloved Muhammad, Fawzi and Jalali. To give to him in every letter he prayed in Paradise and to bring me on the Day of Resurrection under the banner of praise and light of his face like the moon on the night of the full moon and his hand in the palm of my beloved Muhammad this to those who said every Friday to him this credit and God is great credit..

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Replica Hermes Bags The number of every drop drops from your heavens to your earth. Number of wind blows and number of trees, leaves, plants and all that moved I prayed in the decree of conservation from the day I created the world until the Day of Judgment, O Allah, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, the number of the country, the rain and the plant from the day that the world was created until the Day of Resurrection. O Allah, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad. Replica Hermes Bags

Replica Hermes O Lord, forgive us our sins and excesses in our affairs, and set our feet and support us on the people. – Our Lord has rewarded the world and good reward – Our Lord forgive us and our brothers who preceded us by faith, and do not make in our hearts for those who believe, our Lord you Raouf
– our Lord emptied us patience and Tova Muslims, and we inflict
– our Lord emptied the Sabra and we proved feet We and our supporters on the people
– Our Lord gave us from our husbands and our descendants a grave of eyes and make us to fear the Imam, Lord make me a resident of prayer and the descendants of our Lord and accept our call,

Lord forgive me and my parents and believers Day
– not our hearts deviate after you have guided been given to us from Thy mercy from you, our Lord you are collector of people for the day no doubt that God does not succeed
– Lord Oozni to thank your grace, which bestowed on and on my father, and I work Trdah valid, and the fittest me in my offspring I decide to you and I am from
– Lord of the prophets and homes Let me off the righteous and the martyrs and the righteous, and those good companion.

– Lord brought me the entrance of sincerity and sincerity directed me out, and a O Allah, give us the faith and adorn it in our hearts, and hate us with infidelity, immorality, and disobedience, and make us adults, and make us a guide guided, not misguided and not – Our Lord give us the torment of Hell a n Amabha grams was it worsened and stable residence, our Lord spend pOur evil and indecency and make us your faithful slaves

– Lord explain to me my chest and pleased me Amri, and solved the knot of my tongue they understand – Oh God, you amnesty cream love pardon Faaf – God Oafna and Aaf About us in the world and
– God forgive me and my parents, and the owners of rights on, and for those who have preference over, and for believers and believers, Muslims and Muslims The number of your creation and Replica Hermes Bags satisfaction of yourself and the weight of your throne and Medad

Which is the infallibility of my mother, and the best of my life, which is my pension, the rest of the rest of me in which the enemy, and make life increase me in all good, and make death rest for me from all of the – Oh God Faraj Hmna, and the same as our Lord, About us our religion, and our patients, and The mercy of our dead, and the destruction of our enemies

– O Allah, make us our Maulana from your fire from the fire and from those who are accepted and from the heirs of Paradise – Our Lord accepts our prayers, our prayers, our prayers, our prayers and our prayers Replica Hermes.