My involvement in Real Estate organizations and Designations

My involvement in Real Estate organizations and Designations

In the end, my professional reason for being is to provide you, the client, the highest level of representation and service obtainable.My involvement in Real Estate organizations and Designations include:Silicon Valley Association of Realtors (SILVAR) Realtor of the Year 2006California Association of Realtors past member, Board of DirectorsSILVAR current member, Board of DirectorsSILVAR Political Action Committee current member, past ChairLocal Government Relations Board current member, past ChairSILVAR Menlo Park District Council past Chairyou for your expertise, knowledge and professionalism in selling our family home. You were so conscientious in all aspects of preparing the house that you were able to sell it in such a surprisingly short time. The house looked fantastic inside and out! I am proud we were able to leave it looking so good! I appreciate how you constantly kept me informed and that you were always available.

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