Never Say “Die”: Normally played straight

Never Say “Die”: Normally played straight

I’m going to be frank: No one cares about you, your history or your relationship to the guest of honor at least not yet. Everyone is gathered for the toastee (the person you are toasting) and that is who they want to hear about. They want to hear embarrassing stories, secrets and funny tidbits. La richesse inoue du film tient bien sr la prsentation des uvres, mais aussi la mise en contexte et aux commentaires d’un trs grand connaisseur, bien en mesure d le spectateur grce son expertise. Car au del de l’invention du cinmatographe, de l’outil qui a permis de faire animer des images, les Lumire ont aussi invent le langage du cinma, sa grammaire, sa mise en scne, ses mouvements. C’est tout simplement fascinant.

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